Top 10 Best Sellers in Toys & Games Reviews 2017

Top 10 Best Sellers in Toys & Games Reviews 2017: People usually buy various types of games and toys to gift their loved ones at various occasion like Christmas and birthdays etc. Every year various new toys and games are introduced in the market. Some of the toys and games you would like to buy in 2017 are reviewed here under to help you in selecting a suitable one for your kids.

1. Retro Light Up Toys Set:

This set of toys introduced by ArtCreativity includes an 8.5” rail twister and an 8” Gyro Wheel to mesmerise your kids, girls or boys, with its spins and lighting effects. The engaging toys created by this company include a right combination of fun and physics to keep your kids involved for long time. the spins of the toy and its lighting effect not only entertain your kids but also provide them relaxing effect.

2. 6 Pack LED Flash Foam Finger Pump Rockets Helicopter Slingshot Toy:

Top 10 Best Sellers in Toys & Games Reviews 2017

This fun shooting game introduced by US Sense can be used as a great gift to be given at birthday parties at home or office for kids. The durable LED rockets made of rubber and foam, in this toy flash like fireflies to give an amazing experience to the players. Your kids can have fun for hours by playing with this indoor toy.

3. Magnetic Board Game Set:

GAMIE has included 12 compactly design 5” individually boxed Retro Fun Games to teach focus and strategies to the players. It can be the best gift for your kids over 6 years as they can play with it while travelling, camping or on road trips. The board games included in these six boxes are Chess, Chinese Checkers, Checkers, Backgammon, Tic Tac Toe, Solitaire, Snakes And Ladder, Auto Racing, NineMen’s Moris, Racing, Space Venture and Ludo.

4. OFFER OF THE DAY – Labyrinth – SouvNear:

Top 10 Best Sellers in Toys & Games Reviews 2017

This brain teaser game that includes a wooden board and a ball can be played by coordinating eyes and hands. Your kids will love to play this game as its concentric circles and puzzling network of twisting paths allow them to use their young imagination to solve the puzzle. It can be trickier than it appears to put the ball in right slots on its board.

5. GoldieBlox Craft-Struction Box:

The kit of this toy offers an open ended experience of constructing and crafting to the girl engineer. It is designed for exploring creative aspects of the players to build their confidence and space related skills of solving problems. This toy containing more than 275 pieces is perfect for the girls over 6 years. It includes exciting ideas to build structures, poster showing engineering terms, a bouncing robot, a catapult and a caterpillar.

6. Kids Musical Instruments & Percussion Toys:

Inspiro has introduced this set of musical toys to involve everyone to enjoy music with smile and have fun. This toy can provide long lasting fun due to its high quality construction. It is easy to store in the zipped carrying case provided with it. the instruments in this kit include a wooden maracas, tambourine, claves, triangle, large sleigh bell and a small sleigh bell.

7. PREMIUM Folding 12.5×12.5″ Chess Set:

Top 10 Best Sellers in Toys & Games Reviews 2017

This chess set can be one of the bestsellers of 2017 due to its compact design. This handmade magnetic set of chess can be used by the kids as well as adults to play friendly chess at home as well as while travelling as its pieces do not move unless you move them yourself.

8. New 4 Pack Mini Fun Fishing Game:

It is an inexpensive party game that can be played by boys and girls both. It is one of the latest games to be presented to the kids at special occasions. It includes 4 sets of individually packaged fishing toys to allow your children to have fun for many hours.

9. Flying Ball Drone Helicopter Ball with Built-in Shinning LED Lighting:

Top 10 Best Sellers in Toys & Games Reviews 2017

This toy for kids include a transparent flying ball of 15.5 x 11 cm size with randomly changing light colours after every 20-30 minutes. It is suitable for the kids over 8 years. Its body is made of ABS plastic. Its sensing distance is 10 meters.

10. Our Generation Berry Nice Salon Set:


This toy contains 48 accessories suitable for the dolls of 18-Inch height. You can experiment your fashion style on the hairdo of your doll as per your liking. All the accessories provided in this set are made of trusted materials. It is specially designed to encourage multifaceted development of the girls.